nobody likes you pat

Pat Kiloran may be a father, husband, singer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, mixer, and Midwesterner, but above all, he’s human.Like the rest of us, he spends a lot of time thinking of his family and friends. In his case, those thoughts turn into breezy, bold, and bright indie pop anthems rooted in relatable Americana-style storytelling and stitched together with homegrown production. Going by the name nobody likes you pat, he ponders humanity with the candor of a late-night coffee shop chat among old pals on his full-length debut, imago [Nettwerk].“Within a few months of starting nobody likes you pat, I knew the message for the first album,” he admits. “imago is shortened from the Latin phrase ‘Imago Dei,’ which means ‘image of God’. I’m writing from my perspective and showing my experiences. These are honest stories and thoughts about everyday life, growth, change, and philosophical expansion. It’s fuzzy, nostalgic, emotional, and raw. The colors are natural. To me, it feels like watching a home movie.”In the end, nobody likes you pat celebrates being human and brings us all a little closer in the process.“I express a lot of emotion through my writing,” he leaves off. “I want this to be the soundtrack for people who are trying to get through their lives and deal with sadness. Maybe it’s a place for you to hear someone else has been there too. For me, nobody likes you pat is the diary of my life that I hope to look back on and read when I’m 80-years-old.”