Nina June

Heightened  senses  strengthen  communication.  Receptive  to  even  the  most  subtle  internal  and  external  stimuli, Nina June leans into acute sensitivity as a lyricist and embraces expansive scope as a sonic auteur. On her forthcoming album(Nettwerk  Records),  the  Amsterdam-based  singer  and  songwriter  layers  plainspoken  emotion  over  multi-dimensional soundscapes  steeped  in  strings,  keys,  guitar,  and  natural  sound  effects. After  amassing  more  than  20  million  streams worldwide,  Nina  June has  been  quietly  making  waves  with  one  album  and  two  EPs  under  her  belt.  Filtering  restless wanderlust into lithe anthems of awakening, she captivated listeners with a string of successful singles, sold-out shows, and Amsterdam’s prestigious Zilveren Notekraker—anhonor in celebration of“Promising New Talent.”Last year, she traveled to London to work with producer Duncan Mills(Florence + The Machine, The Vaccines, Jake Bugg, James Murphy) for the first time. Together, they struck what she describes as“an immediate chemistry.”After a handful of productive sessions, the global  lockdowns  commenced.  Adapting  to  the  changing  circumstances,  they  conducted  sessions  both  remotely  and  in-person to record the new music.