Molly Millington

Molly Millington is fast becoming a slow to discover pop revelation. Brought up without screens on a diet of rock and country, busking her way through her teen years with self-penned lonesome laments, she became a slave to the exposed song – then mixed in her love of modern idiosyncratic pop production. It’s about the only way to explain the journey of recent releases like “October” and “Outcast” and the artist who stands waiting to welcome us all into her own spellbinding world.Molly has spent most of 2021 and 2022 on tour, somehow! Amongst all the dodging and weaving she has been on national runs with Thelma Plum, Montaigne, and Jess Day as well as picking up festivals like Out of The Woods and GTM.Keep an eye out for what 2023 brings.