M. Byrd

M. Byrd’s music expands moments of stark intimacy to widescreen proportions boosted by shoegaze scope, alternative boldness, and pop palatability. The German singer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer unearths universality from intensely personal songwriting. After generating 10 million-plus streams and acclaim from outlets worldwide he continues to perfect this vision on his 2023 debut LP, The Seed [Nettwerk].He traces the origin of his passion for music back to playing the drums in front of the TV at three-years-old. Eventually, he found his dad’s guitar. He embraced inspirations as diverse as Alice Coltrane, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers and Elliott Smith as well as renown filmmaker David Lynch. Encouraged by a teacher, he picked up electric guitar and attended countless roots jam sessions at local haunts. In 2020, he turned heads with the single “Mountain”, followed by “Morning Sun”, gaining millions of streams and praise from Ones To Watch, Earmilk, Atwood, etc. At the end of 2020, he holed up in Detmold, Germany in a WWII-era British Corps squash hall rechristened as a studio with producer Eugen Koop to create The Seed. Leaving his mark on each level of the music, M. Byrd personally played guitar, synthesizers and bass.In the end, M. Byrd draws you in to inspire your own evolution, stating, “When you listen to the album, I hope you feel like you can grow with me. Maybe you’ll find confidence in yourself. We’re planting this thought with ‘The Seed’.”