With her third album, New Woman, singer-songwriter lúisa finally steps into the light: the album tackles grief and social activism with stirring and emotional pop. lúisa has condensed all of her life experiences to craft a powerful and personal record that was produced in Berlin by Tobias Siebert.It’s about the search for identity, in life and in music. "The feminist movements of the last few years have totally encouraged me to talk about these things," says lùisa. "It’s about the technician who can’t imagine me programming my own loops. Or about all the people who ask me if I don’t want to do something ‘sensible’ someday. Male musicians never get asked that kind of thing."The electronic influences on lùisa’s last London-recorded album, Never Own (2015), have receded a bit on New Woman in favor of a clearly defined groove framework of bass and drums, which lùisa has lined with eighties synths, sparkling guitars and an overall warmer sound architecture. Over the years since her 2012 self-produced debut, One Youth Ago, she developed from a one-woman DIY project to the high-profile songwriter and singer she is today. She has played concerts in pubs and at major festivals, toured in Europe as the opening act for the Australian band The Paper Kites, and her song "Under The Wild Skies" was used in the 5th season of Orange Is The New Black.