Lily Kershaw

The strongest tool Lily Kershaw wields is her voice, both in the simmering ferocity it carries and the poetry it speaks. For sophomore album Arcadia, she is ultimately telling a story of acceptance, both of herself and the great mystery that is the universe. Together with producer Ben Cooper (Radical Face), Lily takes her classic folk-tinged songs and weaves warmer analog sounds like organ, harpsichord and guitar with cinematic force, creating her most intimate release to date.

In song and spirit, Lily is an old soul, but upon initial meeting she’s kinetic, ebullient, lively, and kind, quick with a joke and an infectious smile.  Lily is a compulsive creator, she jots down melodies and lyrics as she’s wandering through her days. Born and mostly raised in Los Angeles, she offers an antidote to the long-mythologized Los Angeles glitz; she’s authentic, and honest, self-effacing and, above all, she is herself.