LeyeT (pronounced “light”) channels emotional vulnerability into alternative-pop songs with a solid heartbeat. From lyrical themes that inspire deeper thought, to her ambiguous name, it’s not enough to simply be, to live unchallenged. “In my songwriting and who I am as an artist, I want to provoke listeners to think about something,” LeyeT says. “A light does that. It helps someone see.”

Tapping into this, LeyeT has helped to cultivate and grow a community of songwriters called Los Angeles Songwriters Collective (LASC).  LASC’s purpose is to be a healthy resource and thriving community for songwriters to connect, grow and create together via workshops, events and showcases.  Within this community, LeyeT has taken it a step further to develop a new chapter for women called LAS(she), a place for female creatives to empower each other and inspire diversity in the world of songwriting.

LeyeT made an impressive debut with “Don’t Make Me Cry” topping Spotify’s Fresh Finds, landing in the US and Global Viral Spotify charts, and “Long Way” which garnered her first of several #1 Hype Machine spots.  Having earned solid support and debuting live in both LA & NYC, LeyeT released her debut EP thoughts which housed buzzy singles such as “Most People” which premiered via Billboard and “Let Me Know” that landed in Spotify’s New Music Friday.

In 2019, LeyeT released sophomore EP more thoughts.  Combining vivid lyricism with pop sensibilities, the 6-song EP explores a variety of themes and soundscapes, from acoustic confessionals to surging synth gems.  The songs digs deep, openly writing about personal themes of friendship, self-reflection, the negative effects of social media and more.