Kudu Blue

Kudu Blue are Brighton-based collective Clem (vocals), Owen (keys), Tom (bass) and Creed a (drums). With roots in Brighton, Birmingham and Bristol, all cities that have enjoyed their own niche musically over the years, the group combine a wide melting pot of influence (from trip hop to garage, and rock to reggae) into their own brand of bright, textured and melody-driven dance-pop. KBVOL.4 is Kudu Blue’s fourth EP. It follows 2020’s Are You With Me?, four tracks that laid the foundations for a shift into a more dance floor-focused space. Where once they may have referred to the undulating atmospherics of Bonobo for inspiration, now they find themselves looking to the Biceps and Four Tets of the dance music world, artists that have mastered collective moments of club euphoria. KBVOL.4 offers up something of an introduction to Kudu Blue: the club edition.It’s a representation of their combined influences and what they’re all about. The crisp production and catchy vocal hooks recall early 2010’s Bondax, Blonde and TCTS —it’s buoyant, colourful dance music with an infectious pop sensibility.