The promise  of  spring  could  not  have  come  sooner,  a season  of  transition, a  shift  to  find  positive  balance. KESMAR specializes in songs tailor-made for this moment. Basking in the glow of bright analog synths, lush guitars, and organic beat-craft, Sydney-based singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Nathan Hawes strikes a distinctive, infectious, and inimitable balance between yacht rock and D.I.Y. bedroom pop. The independently released Up To You EP, which he crafted through collaborations with LANKS, Panama, and Cleopold, established KESMAR as one to watch. Now, Nathan embarks on his next creative chapter alone. Under the influence of everyone from Gilbert O’Sullivan to Quincy Jones, he amassed an arsenal  of  classic gear from the seventies and eighties and hid alone in Sydney,  where  he  fashioned  the framework  for the latest recordings and upcoming EP (out via Nettwerk  Records) that features vocalists like Flore Benguigui (of L’impératrice) and Tim Ayre.