Jon Bryant

Jon Bryant has always been a searcher. Whether it’s a meaningful encounter on a trip to Los Angeles, a fiery relationship, or escaping the NXVIM cult, Bryant approaches every experience with an open heart. The past decade would be nothing short of unbelievable for him. In between life on the road, Bryant released four full-length albums, including 2019’s Cult Classic, which redefined his signature style and allowed him to open up about his brief experience and exit from the NVXIM cult. This led to Bryant appearing on the podcast Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know and q: the Podcast from CBC Radio. What followed was nothing short of a musical awakening as Bryant continued to evolve his sound with a wellspring of creativity. He fully embraced a longstanding passion for alternative-R&B and euphoric pop with his 2020 EP Half Bad, followed by 2021’s Back to Love EP and most recently, PsychIdyllic Salutations, the latter found the songwriter at his most dynamic. Throughout the writing process he challenged himself to write 50 songs in 50 days, resulting in a funky, fresh sound as he explores the very whirlwind of life itself.