John Hayes

John Hayes is a multi-instrumentalist and producer from Minneapolis, Minnesota.John’s musical journey began after receiving formal piano training during his youth. With a penchant for non-traditional styles and playing techniques, his tendency to get into trouble with his instructors grew over the years. At a young age, he was destined to become a sonic explorer, attune to the more uninhibited musical environments.In 2018, John released his debut solo album, By The Woods, a collection of sparse, muted piano compositions that saw glimmers of the artist’s vision. In 2020, he followed this up with The Last Best Place, a powerfully tender album devoted to a friend who had passed away. The somber atmosphere and cathartic energy are palpable over the eleven songs. Later that year, Hayes’ next project was a collaborative effort with Maxy Dutcher, putting out Borealis on Moderna Records. The release saw Hayes expand on his spacious piano compositions and move into a more intricate layered harmonic territory full of neo-classical stylings and electronic influences ranging from trance to experimental dance.John finished off an illuminating 2020 with a second collaboration, this time with fellow Minnesota composer and producer Eiskavon called Du Nord released on Western Vinyl. The two artists met through the Minneapolis music scene and became quick confidants, as a few songs turned into an EP before blossoming into a full-length album. Taking cues from influences spanning Chopin to Eno, the duo provided the perfect soundscape for the Midwestern winter.Hayes’ music has won the support of notable tastemakers, including KEXP, BBC, and James Heather’s Soho Radio show "Moving Sounds." He also previously served regularly as the resident pianist for the award-winning Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.John currently writes, records, and produces music from his studio in Denver, Colorado.