Jack Fargo

Jack Fargo is the brainchild of Jack Fargotstein, a Memphis-born musician who’s been carrying a tune since he learned to play guitar in the seventh grade, devising parody songs inspired by “Weird Al” Yankovic and eventually moving on to original material. “I thought it would help with the girls,” he laughs while discussing his early songwriting prowess, “but it did help in me getting my songs out there.”  Fargotstein became Bigmac Jack in high school as he dove deep into hip-hop culture, releasing mixtapes while hopping on local producers’ beats. “I never considered myself a singer—I was always rapping.” Near the end of college, he made another leap forward in his career as one-half of The Motel Brothers, who struck out to Los Angeles and released a successful stream of singles before disbanding in 2019. “We had success, but we ended up going our own ways creatively,” he explains. After the duo’s dissolution, Fargotstein went back to the drawing board and worked on finding his own sound. After a weekend getaway in Palm Springs, Jack connected with his manager—which was when Jack Fargo was born. Drawing from a wide range of influences including Ed Sheeran’s pop-rock effervescence, the work of late and legendary rapper Mac Miller, and classic soul and R&B, Jack got to work on the four songs that make up his debut EP with producer Jayden Seely joining him in the studio. At the core of Jack’s music is a romanticism about everyday life and loving every second you have—no matter what comes at you.