August Pemberton lived in New York as a child before he moved back to the UK at 7 years old. At university, he studied computer science and after graduating he moved to Bristol where he’s currently based. Pemberton grew up in a musical family and began playing the piano at a young age. While making software at university (he studied computer science), playing the piano meant a natural progression to using music software and producing his own music under the name "Imagiro".Soon he became very well respected by fellow artists in the lo-fi music field (Blue Wednesday, Aso, Arbor, Tennyson, Ford) and has collaborated with other established lo-fi artists. In 2020 he sampled his family piano and created the plugin "Imagiro Piano" to virtually play his family piano in any DAW. The plugin is now the most used piano plugin in lo-fi music and has become a recognizable sound amongst top editorial lo-fi playlists. His followers are incredibly influential musicians within the folk/electronic space (Daedelus, Tennyson, quickly, quickly, Andrew Huang) and Pemberton’s work in both music and music tech is appreciated by these musicians.