Htennek Niwhsa

Htennek Niwsha’s piano piano is music that beautifully decays before your very eyes, while retaining a sense of permanence that lingers in your mind long after the record stops. This new project from Ken Harrison and Ashwin Sood, masterminds behind the ambient pop outfit PANToNE VU, is one of the most enchanting and mysterious collections of music you’re bound to encounter this year—a series of missives from the beyond, as Harrison and Sood bring new life to a collection of lost piano compositions from virtually unknown composer Htennek Niwsha. Drawing from the lush, warm ambience of modern composers like Nils Frahm, Olafur Arnalds, and Max Richter, Harrison and Sood give Htennek’s compositions new life through their intuitive approach to simplicity and melodic clarity. piano piano is music that is seemingly placeless in origin but possesses a great emotional heft [and] will undoubtedly find a place of resonance to curious listeners the world over.