Findlay Brown

Findlay Brown released his 3rd solo album, Slow Light via DPC Records on 4th September, 2015. Written and recorded in New York – home since 2010 – over a two-year period, Slow Light marks a definite return to the folk-pop sound (and songwriting chops) of Findlay’s 2007 debut album Separated By The Sea. Besides the more immediately obvious influence of folk luminaries like Tim Hardin and Jackson C Frank, and the widescreen orchestral chamber pop of Scott Walker and Serge Gainsbourg’s late 60s/ early 70s output (check Findlay’s bass sound), the groove and ambience is more subtly informed by Krautrock bands like Harmonia – particularly 1975’s ‘Deluxe’ – and the soundtracks of Ennio Morricone. The non-musical elements are suggested by Findlay’s interest in spirituality, history and psychedelics (Terence McKenna, Graham Hancock) and the poetry of Rumi and Kahlil Gibran.Slow Light follows his widely acclaimed albums, 2007’s extraordinary Separated By The Sea (“the most unlikely classic of the year” *****The Guardian) – and 2010’s Bernard Butler produced ‘Love Will Find You’ which re-cast Brown as a modern day Roy Orbison and took him all the way to The Late Show With Letterman. "Come Home" from the first record is familiar to millions via its use in the long-running MasterCard advert.In 2013 through a shared love of African music, Findlay teamed up with Xander Ferreira to form the New York based DJ-duo The Happy Show, hosting parties bringing African groove to NYC nightlife. At their Output residency in Brooklyn and parties around the world they have created a joyous, ritualistic, dance gathering.Produced by Tobias Wilner (of DPC Records – the label he co-owns with Findlay and who Findlay credits with steering his natural aptitude for the melancholic and melodic), the majority of Slow Light was performed by the pair, but also features Marc Orleans (Sunburned Hand of the Man – pedal steal on ‘Run Home’ and ‘Alone Again’), Paul Frazier (David Byrne – bass on ‘All is Love’ and Sara Savery (Blue Foundation, People Press Play – vocals on "Born of the Stars" and “All is Love”.