Doxas Brothers

The Doxas brothers having been making music together since they were in the crib. Raised in a musical home to the sounds of their father, George, conducting full choir rehearsals in their living room and having jam sessions in their home studio, it wasn’t long before Jim and Chet were able join in and their musical paths were ignited ahead of them.By the time they had reached their mid-teens, much to their parents’ concerns, both brothers began working regularly in nightclubs. They caught the tail end of what could be the called the “good old days” of Montreal. Early work found them playing in dance bands, rock n roll clubs, society parties, radio shows and even burlesque reviews. Since those early days, Jim and Chet have gone on to tour the world with many of the greatest names in jazz including, Carla Bley, Oliver Jones, Dave Douglas, John Abercrombie, Steve Swallow, Joe Lovano and many more.Although Jim and Chet have performed countless times together in various settings, their new group, the Doxas Brothers, represents two musicians with a deep bond sharing their vision in a quartet setting. Bassist, Adrian Vedady has been a long-time associate of both brothers. Jim and Adrian have been playing at Upstairs Jazz Bar in Montreal every Monday night for the last ten years and have developed a musical bond that is unmistakably theirs – adventurous, sensitive and fresh. Marc Copland, was a clear choice to join group. The ECM pianist is world renowned for his crystalline sound and his ability to explore and find subtleties in the music where others cannot.  Marc, Jim and Adrian have performed together over the last several years as a trio and with the addition of Chet on saxophone make the Doxas Brothers a band with deep roots and one that embraces their collective experiences to form a group sound that is entirely their own.  Their debut release The Circle (October 23, 2020) celebrates the musical worlds that they have been exploring together. It represents their upbringing in a musical home, their years spent on the Montreal jazz scene, and their arrival onto jazz stages around the world.