Danny Black

Every day can be an adventure. Just ask Good Old War co-founder and guitarist Dan Schwartz.In February 2016, that’s exactly what he did. As his Good Old War bandmates worked on Anthony Green’s Pixie Queen, Dan holed up in a house on the Jersey Shore, writing and recording what would become his full-length instrumental guitar solo debut, Adventure Soundtrack [NETTWERK], under the moniker Danny Black. The pristine winter quiet of the Shore provided the perfect environment for him to craft the record’s 13 songs.He pulled it off in less than a month. Adventure Soundtrack weaves together a patchwork of acoustic, electric, and 12-string guitar, embracing folk, progressive, rock, blues, and so much more. Inspired by a longtime passion for six-string virtuosos such as Leo Kotke, Tommy Emmanuel, and Robert Fripp of King Crimson, the album utilizes the guitar to conjure evocative imagery as expansive as the high desert or as towering as a Montana mountain range whether it’s the ethereal electric tones of “First Light Pt. 1” and “First Light Pt. 2” or the gypsy-style swing of “The Detective.”The same could be said for the entire body of work and Dan’s playing at large. Now, Adventure Soundtrack is ready for your next journey.