Chris Sernel aka Oh, Hush!

Oh, Hush! is a two times Grammy losing, Juno-winning artist, producer, and songwriter with multiple gold and platinum records under his belt. Oh, Hush! made his start as Chris Sernel, front-man of a rock band from Chicago called Escape From Earth. The band’s many accolades include playing the Miss USA Pageant, featuring in a Coca-Cola commercial, and touring with artists such as Switchfoot, Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, Taproot, and…Hanson.

After shedding a bit of his rock and roll roots, Chris focused on pop, alternative, and indie leaning sounds. As some of his new material began to take off, the secret band Oh, Hush! was born. And by "band," we mean it was one guy writing and producing all the songs himself. Oh, Hush! has put out multiple albums and EPs and had radio success with his song, "Going Down In Style." Those successes led Chris to a publishing deal with Warner Chappell / Artist Publishing Group and placement with Jennifer Lopez. Next was a song with Cee Lo Green, which garnered a Grammy nomination and gold record…and from there, Oh, Hush! has become a go-to producer in the pop world.

Chris co-wrote/produced Weezer’s top 10 single "Happy Hour," which was featured on The Simpsons (a dream come true for Chris, a rock kid from the Midwest). Recently, Chris stepped back into the artist role with end-credit songs in both Lego Batman and Lego Ninjago. Chris has also become a behind-the-scenes guy for brands such as Clorox, Nutella, Walmart, Coca-Cola, Poo Pourri, Disney, Nickelodeon, and many others.