Chris Hutchison

Chris Hutchison is a Songwriter/Producer based in Brighton UK. His career began as a producer for Singer/Songwriter Ed Prosek, the pair releasing 3 EP’s together hitting the iTunes charts and the Spotify Viral Charts, and being asked to record a version of Paul Simons Homeward Bound for the Cathedral City Cheese Campaign. 

Chris is now working with a number of up and coming projects including NEVERGONE, a cinematic pop crossover project of his own creation, (which has had sync placements in Wentworth, one of Australia’s biggest TV shows, and the Official Trailer for the film Ashes In The Snow) as well as Aidan Black, a pop-orientated producer project. He’s also been busying himself on a number of projects with Aisha Badru, The Xcerts, FADES, Rising Fever and Twilight Driving.