Boy Willows

Boy Willows' music tells a story of unbridled, modernist creativity. The vocalist, producer, and multi-creative, also known as Landon Fleischman, makes music that is spacious and special. The BANGS EP (Nettwerk Records) is a delicate example of Boy Willows's aptitude for worldbuilding.  While about specific experiences and moments, his songs also capture those unique, diaphanous moments that seem to only exist in memory: the feeling of the sun filtering through threadbare curtains or club lights caught from behind eyelids. The five-track EP is "experimental folk-pop" (PAPER) and a delicate example of Fleischman's aptitude for worldbuilding. With songs like "Fila," Fleishman "cements his place in Gen Z's notorious iconography" (V Magazine) and reaffirmed the claim that Boy Willows is "a rising star" (FLAUNT).