Bleach Lab

For Bleach Lab’s vocalist Jenna Kyle, Lost In A Rush of Emptiness – the title of the band’s long-awaited debut album, a line borrowed from Leonard Cohen’s posthumous collection The Flame – has come to represent the all-consuming pit of dread that accompanies a piece of devastating news. Between them, the band have experienced their fair share of these moments. Produced by Boygenius, PJ Harvey and The Big Moon collaborator Catherine Marks, this was the first record the band were able to record live in a room together; a transformative move after forging their trio of explorative EPs when they were splintered apart by the isolation of lockdown. Bassist, Josh Longman comments “We could feed off each other, and push at the same time. It has all these subtle imperfections, and I think it makes the record feel more human, and real.” For Kyle, the ending of a toxic and unhealthy relationship heavily informed the core of Lost In A Rush of Emptiness. The record scrambles to try and surface back into existing alone again but rather than moving towards explosive catharsis or a moment of revelation, Bleach Lab wanted to burrow deep into the disorientation of a life-altering moment, dissecting the void atop glimmering indie-rock. ‘Lost In A Rush of Emptiness’ the debut album from Bleach Lab due September 2023.