Blanco White

Upcoming album Tarifa is Londoner Josh Edwards (aka Blanco White) second full length album following his 2020 debut On the Other Side which has since seen over 130 million streams and led to tours with Jose Gonzalez and Gregory Alan Isakov as well as hugely popular world tours of his own, including a sold-out night at London’s famous Union Chapel. New album Tarifa was written predominantly in the town of the same name in southern Spain; the southernmost tip of Western Europe just 5 miles from Morocco. Self-producing, Josh also collaborated extensively with afro-jazz collective Nubiyan Twist’s percussionist Pilo Adami (from Cascavel a town in the southeast of Paraná a southern Brazil state below São Paulo) who co-produced most of the record.Nathan Jenkins aka Bullion (Westerman, Nilüfer Yanya) also contributed back in London with additional production in the final stages. It was recorded between Tarifa and Blanco White’s home studio in London, almost entirely on a mobile recording rig.As an album Tarifa straddles genres, leaning into dream pop references like Beach House with extensive use of organs and synths, alongside more organic instrumentation and percussion. Its tender, folk-leaning poetic side draws on sources like Sufjan Stevens and Feist, with the acoustic Andean instruments the charango and ronroco remaining centrepieces of Blanco White’s sound. Edwards’ collaboration with percussionist and co-producer Adami places a strong focus on rhythm throughout the album, with syncopation and swing at the heart of its identity. Rooted in resilience, recovery and relief, Tarifa is as much an album about healing as it is one about escape, exploring new worlds, and building new worlds of his own.