A performance pseudonym of experimental musician Roger Sellers, Bayonne incorporates voice, synths, looping, effects, acoustic percussion, and more into his ultra-layered, textured songs. After releasing a handful of albums under his own name in the early 2010s that explored an electro-acoustic avant-folk, Sellers started going by Bayonne for his more electronics-based work. A native of Spring, Texas, Sellers’ affection for music began as a toddler, when he became fascinated with Eric Clapton’s MTV Unplugged performance. An early love of Phil Collins led to his first drum kit at age six. With a background in formal study but largely self-taught on multiple instruments, he released the self-titled Roger Sellers in 2010, settling into a more structured, part-electronic folk over the course of 2011’s Moments and 2012’s 8 Song. In the meantime, Sellers established a fan base in Austin with his live, loop-layering solo shows before adopting the Bayonne moniker and releasing Primitives (2016) and Drastic Measures (2019) via Mom + Pop Records.