Anjulie Shares New Track “Emotional”; Includes An Alternative Version From J

April 21, 2017 BY Nettwerk


For an artist whose career continues to rapidly expand, Anjulie’s accolades are outright astonishing. A platinum selling, Juno Award winning and VMA nominated artist who’s also a VICE writer and accomplished songwriter (for Diplo, Zedd, and Nicki Minaj just to name a few), she’s a woman whose talents extend across creative boundaries. Her forthcoming single, “Emotional,” exemplifies that notion as she combines vivid lyricism with versatile pop sensibilities, her ultra-melodic vocals riding atop quaint keys as naturally as they do methodical trap percussion.

According to Anjulie, “’Emotional’ is about finding strength in vulnerability and being OK with letting someone see you crumble.” It’s a fitting message from an individual who spends her free time providing strength to others, whether it’s for the Canadian Woman’s Foundation and UN Women or the women’s songwriting collective, SVNG (Songwriters Under New Government). 

Upon its release, “Emotional” will also be complemented by an alternate take courtesy of rising house producer Justice Skolnik alongside an acoustic version featuring co-production from Devin Hoffman and Eric Scullin.

“Emotional” officially drops today, April 21 via Nettwerk Records.

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