October 7, 2022 BY Jason Currell

Toronto-based composer Alaskan Tapes, AKA Brady Kendall, shares his transcendent new single, “Library Fields.” The single follows his atmospheric September release, “Then.” The two new tracks mark the return of the compositional ambient artist since his acclaimed 2021 album, For Us Alone.

When asked about “Library Fields,” Kendall explains, “Sometimes playing piano feels restricted to me, learning composition and how to play via the internet in various digital audio workstation always made me feel like I wasn’t able to convey my ideas as I wanted to so I started layering piano loops in the same way guitar players layer guitar loops, this gave me multiple layers to play with rhythm and melody and to be able to convey the ideas that I had easily, and effortlessly.”


Growing up, Brady played the drums in metal bands before he discovered the drum & bass scene. He started to create and post liquid drum & bass tracks online before becoming more focused on what he calls “drawn-out minimal sounds.” Out of these style tracks, the project was born. Starting in early 2016 with the debut EP Beyond the Streets and then a full-length, We All Speak in Poems, later that same year, Alaskan Tapes began releasing a steady stream of music that gradually ebbed and flowed into new sonic territory and served as a natural progression of Kendall’s tastes and sound experiments. Prolific with seven LPs in seven years, plus a myriad film scores and soundtrack compositions, Brady has allowed his work to progress organically and build upon its foundations, gaining millions of streams and fans along the way. He is currently working on new music.