Alternative Psych-Rock Band Meltt Tackle Social Media Anxiety on New Single “Soak My Head”

May 19, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Vancouver alternative psych-rock band Meltt drops their new single, “Soak My Head,” where verses careen through a driving beat as autoharps and guitars strum towards a string-boosted chant while they tackle the all-too-relatable topic of social media anxiety and technology addiction. Listen to the track HERE and watch the lyric video HERE.

“Sometimes, I get trapped scrolling on social media,” confesses lead vocalist Chris Smith. “You get addicted to the dopamine rush of digital life, so you poke your head into cold water or nature to cleanse and re-ground yourself.”

“Soak My Head” is off of Meltt’s upcoming album, which features music from their latest EP, Another Quiet Sunday, and their most recent single “Do You Ever Wonder?”. Stay tuned for more details coming soon about the band’s new release.

About Meltt

Life cycles through birth, death, and rebirth. Flames reduce objects to dust only for the wind to sweep them into the ether in another eternal form altogether. Meltt’s music resembles this natural sequence. The hum of distorted guitars dissolves into bright melodies carried by shimmering synths and soaring vocals. The Vancouver band—Chris Smith [lead vocals, guitar, bass, keys], Jamie Turner [drums, percussion], James Porter [guitar, keys, bass, vocals] and Ian Winkler [bass, keys, guitar]—enable rock, alternative and psychedelia to coexist in one ecosystem with airtight instrumentation and deft songcraft on their second album out this fall via Nettwerk.

In the wake of the 2017 Visions EP, the group spiritually and sonically aligned on their full-length debut Swim Slowly, which yielded “Love Again,” “On Your Own” and “Fool Of You.” Then, throughout the pandemic, the band wrote what would become the full-length album in sessions, formulating ideas separately.  Eventually, they spent a month in a remote cabin where they wrote and shored up the foundation of the record. They shared five tracks as part of the 2023 Another Quiet Sunday EP that would only contribute to a larger statement on the new LP.