Alternative Psych-Rock Band Meltt Release Emotionally Charged Single “Your Melody”; Announce New Album, out 9/22

June 30, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Mesmerizing alternative psych-rock band Meltt, known for their evocative melodies and thought-provoking lyrics, releases their new single, “Your Melody.” The unshakable song showcases a funky guitar groove juxtaposed by a poignant, and powerful subject matter. Listen to the track HERE and watch HERE


“Your Melody” is a soul-stirring tribute to Meltt bassist Ian Winkler’s father, who valiantly battled ALS. “My dad was in the late stages of his fight with ALS, so it was a very intense time for me. My grandma had also recently died. We were going through her old photo albums, and there was one picture of my dad as a kid. I saw the picture and where he was in the present like, ‘Holy shit, this was his destiny’. I was interested in determinism and physics from a philosophical perspective. Since all of  time just exists, we’re playing through it like a song. That’s where ‘Your Melody’ came from. I saw my dad’s song from beginning to end in the picture. The song was born out of a lot of fear, grief, and anger.” 

Today, Meltt announces their new album Eternal Embers out September 22nd via Nettwerk, featuring “Your Melody,” “Soak My Head,”  “Do You Ever Wonder?” and music from their latest EP, Another Quiet Sunday. Stay tuned for more releases and information on the upcoming album by following the band on socials.

Eternal Embers Tracklisting:

  1. Into the Blue
  2. Only in Your Eyes 
  3. Within You, Within Me 
  4. Do You Ever Wonder?
  5. The Absent Sea
  6. It Could Grow Anywhere 
  7. (Hummingbird in the Garden)
  8. Blossoms
  9. Your Melody
  10. Aphantasian Dreams
  11. The Fire
  12. Soak My Head
  13. When the Smoke Abates
  14. Another Quiet Sunday (Keep Moving On) 

About Meltt

Life cycles through birth, death, and rebirth. Flames reduce objects to dust only for the wind to sweep them into the ether in another eternal form altogether. Meltt’s music resembles this natural sequence. The hum of distorted guitars dissolves into bright melodies carried by shimmering synths and soaring vocals. The Vancouver band—Chris Smith [lead vocals, guitar, bass, keys], Jamie Turner [drums, percussion], James Porter [guitar, keys, bass, vocals] and Ian Winkler [bass, keys, guitar]—enable rock, alternative and psychedelia to coexist in one ecosystem with airtight instrumentation and deft songcraft on their second album, Eternal Embers [Nettwerk].

In the wake of the 2017 Visions EP, the group spiritually and sonically aligned on their full-length debut Swim Slowly, which yielded “Love Again” and “On Your Own.” Then, throughout the pandemic, the band wrote what would become Eternal Embers in sessions, formulating ideas separately.  Eventually, they spent a month in a remote cabin where they wrote and shored up the foundation of the record. They shared five tracks as part of the 2023 Another Quiet Sunday EP that would only contribute to a larger statement on the new LP.