October 21, 2022 BY Jason Currell

Today, Alt-R&B artist/producer kerri shares his latest EP, glow. The Saskatchewan-born, Montréal-based producer and creative blends alternative R&B with hip-hop and lofi. 

glow was formed in the Summer of 2021 and features Ezra Martin and Public Gardens. kerri took inspiration from recent life experience and the current state of the world to create the seven-track project.

I used this tape to reflect on how far I’ve come and what the future has in store for me,” he shares. “’glow’ is the culmination of my journey, blending personal vulnerabilities and the lessons I’ve learned from some bittersweet experiences. Exploring the need for validation and the weight of creative pursuit, I learned the importance of self-confidence and reliance while reflecting on failed relationships, current friendships, and society’s need for comparison before coming to a resolution and finally acceptance.”

Learning to produce in his teens, kerri draws inspiration from indie and electronic acts (e.g., Frank Ocean, Dijon, and James Blake) and mixes it with his own experiences and craft. The result is a signature sound of spacious textures and emotional narratives. With each release, kerri offers tender and organic consistency, where feelings of heartbreak and isolation seep through bedroom walls, and everything feels filtered through grainy VHS tapes. 

glow is available at digital retailers here:

EP Cover Art | Download HERE 

glow Track List:
01. only1
02. down
03. WAITING (feat. Ezra Martin)
04. glow
05. westmount
06. ECHOES (feat. Public Gardens)
07. what it is