July 28, 2023 BY Jason Currell

New York City-based alt pop/rock band Nicotine Dolls announce their signing to Nettwerk Music Group by sharing their new single, “How Do You Love Me,” along with the official video. The group formed in 2017 and includes lead singer Sam Cieri, Guitarist John Hays, Bassist John Merritt, and Drummer Abel Tabares.

“How Do You Love Me” captivates listeners with its blend of melancholic melodies and soulful vocals, weaving a poignant narrative of heartache and vulnerability. Sam explains, “”How Do You Love Me” was written in about 5 minutes, and as thrilling and manically kinetic as that can feel, it also forced me to look at what I was saying. I’ve run through a few things in my life that have generated this constant paranoia that those around me don’t truly want to be around me.”

He continues, “This song is what runs through my head whenever I am around or leave my friends. I go through a grocery list of my flaws, followed by the constant question of why and how they choose to love me. There is a constant in that, so the song feels very constant and forward. The whole thing is one long crescendo musically as the lyrics deteriorate downward in a hole of self-loathing. The first time I played back the demo, it sounded like a manic episode (I’ve been known to have one or two of those), and we carried that into the music video.” 


Sam takes the viewer on a captivating, emotive journey of inner conflict in this self-directed, produced, and self-filmed video. Sam describes his creative process, “This was one where I knew what every shot of the video would look like. I wanted to sort of dance my way into a manic state which I think we captured. The video smiles the most just before it fully collapses. I love when a song sounds like a video and a video looks like a song (which may be the most pretentious thing I’ve ever said).”

Nicotine Dolls are bringing their dreamlike live performances to life on their headline U.S. tour, which started this week. Their cult-like fanbase has already sold-out major markets, including NYC, Boston, Chicago, and Detroit. Check out the entire run here:

The group has steadily been releasing singles and EPs since 2019 and developing a loyal social media community, including over 1 million TikTok followers. In July 2022, lead singer Sam appeared on America’s Got Talent. Despite the viral audition, they decided not to pursue the show. Nicotine Dolls deliver a safe space in their music for those suffering from heartbreak, anxiety, and depression and those looking for hope.