Alt-Pop Artist Kevitch Teams Up With SCayos and Sara Kawai for “Wild Thoughts”

February 2, 2024 BY Bailey Vigliaturo

Rising LA-via-Philadelphia alt-pop artist Kevitch teams up with SCayos and Sara Kawai for “Wild Thoughts.” The track marks the third single from an upcoming compilation project created at Nettwerk & its lofi brand Cosmo Kuma’s first-ever beatcamp last summer in Malibu. Singles will be releasing weekly until the full project’s arrival at DSPs on April 26.

“Wild Thoughts…started with Sara making the main harp riff,” shared SCayos. “When she started playing the arpeggios, everyone in the room stopped and just immediately started vibing to it. I then put the drums in while Kevitch was messing around with some melodies. The melodies she was singing were supposed to be scratch vocals that she would use to write lyrics to, but we liked them so much that we just used her mumbles as the main melody. I also added a vocal take layering her melodies and the track came together quite quickly!”

“I loved working on this track with SCayos & Sara Kawai!” adds Kevitch. “Each one of us brought something different to the table and it was so cool coming together at Nettwerk’s Beatcamp to create. Cant wait for everyone to hear!”

“I knew the moment I started the session that we would make some beautiful art,” Kawai shared. “With SCayos’ sick and clean drum pockets and Kevitch’s soft and sweet vocals, I was excited to create what came to be “Wild Thoughts”. The whole beat retreat experience was so inspiring, working with people I haven’t worked with before and even with people I’ve looked up to as producers. Looking out into the Malibu ocean was just a plus, but the people and experiences made it all so memorable.”

Taking place over three days with three hour sessions on three different floors of a rented Airbnb, Nettwerk’s inaugural beatcamp produced nearly 60 songs from 20 different artists. Some were made in a bathroom, some on vintage Japanese mics, and some simply on iPhones on balconies overlooking a glittering harvest moon. The laid-back, soothing album compiles the best tracks from the retreat.

“Wild Thoughts” is available at all digital retailers here: