Alt-pop artist Kevitch shares new single “Hate Me (ft. yaeow)”; Debut EP “Secrets” out July 14th

June 2, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Rising LA-via-Philadelphia alt-pop artist Kevitch arrives with her new single “Hate Me” featuring budding Sweden lo-fi indie artist yaeow. The release of “Hate Me” arrives ahead of Kevitch’s debut EP Secrets out July 14th via Nettwerk.

Kevitch and yaeow joined forces to create “Hate Me,” which captures the essence of a broken relationship and the lingering questions left unanswered. With a somber tone, the track explores the aftermath of a relationship that ended on a sour note, leaving them to grapple with the uncertainty of never obtaining closure. Combining elements of lo-fi, R&B, and pop, “Hate Me” delivers a raw and imperfect vibe while offering a captivating, immersive sonic journey. Kevitch’s introspective lyrics and yaeow’s skillful production along with the seamless blend of their voices makes this collaboration a lo-fi dream that will resonate with fans beyond its closing moments.

Regarding the creation of “Hate Me,” Kevitch shares, “‘Hate Me’ came about very organically with yaeow. He started the production, and we basically free-styled the melodies right away, leading us to develop the concept. It’s speaking to someone you once were very close with, asking what they think of you now after everything’s said and done. It’s kind of a sad, emotional tone implying that this relationship ended on a bad note. ‘Hate Me’ captures that feeling of wondering and seeking closure that many people can relate to.”

Kevitch reveals this about her Secrets EP, “I’m excited about this EP because it has a magical and hopeful feeling. I played with a few different genres in this project, incorporating R&B, pop, and lo-fi influences. This EP surrounds the evolution of a relationship when you first meet someone and the emotions that come with that. It then segues into the demise of that relationship and how we cope with those aftermath feelings.”

Prior to “Hate Me,” Kevitch has shared Satin Sheets,” “Don’t Let Go,” and Secrets.” “Satin Sheets” is a blissfully smooth track filled with lush synths and satin-soft vocals. The lyrics reflect on romance and fond memories – this sounds like the soundtrack to a sunny afternoon in paradise. On “Don’t Let Go,” Kevitch’s lilting vocals feel like a velvet hallucination on a dark beach. Intoxicating and entrancing, the R&B-tinged effort glides over a plush resonance and evokes the embodiment of unconditional love as a special yet sometimes, fleeting experience. With “Secrets,” Kevitch’s languid voice drapes itself luxuriously over chill beats, asking repeatedly, “Can you keep a secret? Tell me that you mean it.” The track elicits a sort of blissful nostalgia, featuring smooth layered vocals and a lush soundscape.

Most recently, Kevitch has garnered support from Ones To Watch, Under The Radar, PopDust, Early Rising, SHEESH, NYLON Manila, and more. In addition, she has been featured on Spotify’s Chill Vibes and New Pop Picks playlists.

“Hate Me (feat. yaeow)” is available at all digital retailers here:

Single Artwork | Download

Secrets EP Tracklisting:
Don’t Let Go
Satin Sheets
Hate Me (feat. yaeow)

More Info:

After releasing a pair of esoteric singles in 2020 and 2021 that reached over 27M streams, the Philly born-and-raised lo-fi R&B artist, born Lindsey Kevitch, reemerged in February with her single “Secrets.” Such as the title itself, Kevitch has proven that she knows a lot about secrets – as she has kept details surrounding her identity and artistry mostly private. With 135K+ Instagram followers and solely focused on her craft, Kevitch has now been revealing several chill-pop anthems, which will culminate in her debut EP Secrets this summer.

Upon her return in 2023, Kevitch previously released “Sunrise,” which has generated over 25M streams and “IDC,” which has amassed 2.7M streams and was featured in Spotify’s Chill Vibes playlist. The atmospheric pair of tracks “Sunrise” and “IDC” had offered heavenly previews of what’s to come with Kevitch’s future releases as she evokes celestial imagery and passionate scenes that leave opportunities for the listener’s imagination to wander.

Living in Philadelphia, New York, and Los Angeles, Kevitch has been steeped in some of the most creative communities from a young age. Currently based in Venice, California, Kevitch had attended New York City’s The New School for their acclaimed Jazz Studies program, but her initial music career was quickly detoured by pursuing other creative endeavors. Kevitch is no stranger to going against the grain and going with her instincts instead. With having full creative control of what she makes, Kevitch has found greater clarity about her purpose as an artist and a self-understanding she hopes might ultimately imprint upon her listeners.