Alt-Pop Artist dee holt Shares the Empowering New Single “Dishes”; Announces New EP ‘I’ll Be There’

March 10, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Today, Montreal alt-pop artist dee holt announces a new EP I’ll Be There, due out on April 28th via Nettwerk, and shares the empowering anthem “Dishes.” The song tackles the idea of a dysfunctional relationship and finding the strength to leave the toxicity behind. With bouncing guitar lines and dee’s signature croon, she encourages the listener to cut out all the things that do not serve them. Listen to “Dishes” on all digital retailers (here).

dee explains: “I wrote this song about a one-sided relationship… It’s about someone who gives it their all, while the other sits and watches. It speaks about being taken for granted and walked all over. However, as the song goes on, this person realizes their worth and gets out of this draining relationship and comes to the conclusion that they’re so much better off without it. There are only so many chances you can give to someone, and this song is about standing your ground when it becomes too much.”

In celebration of International Women’s Day, for every pre-save of “Dishes,” dee will donate $1 to CARE Canada, an organization focused on fighting for the rights of women and young girls around the world.

dee is also happy to announce a live show appearance in Toronto on April 24th at the Drake Underground. Stay tuned for more dates and details!



From singing to her dad’s guitar in VHS home videos and performing at family gatherings, to studying music and art in high school, dee holt’s life has been saturated with creativity from the very beginning. But despite all the external affirmation of her musical talent, she never thought about making a career out of it. As dee says, “Of course your mom’s going to tell you you can sing, right?”

It’s fitting then, that the performance that started her career wasn’t an audition or in front of a label, but an intimate gathering for her and her boyfriend’s parents to meet. When, on cue, dee’s mother suggested that she sing, dee turned to face the wall so that she could play the guitar without laughing. After she had finished, she turned around to see tears in her boyfriend’s eyes, the eyes of both his parents, and his little brother, too. 

It was impossible to ignore any longer. dee doesn’t just have a good voice; she has a gift.

After forming a creative bond with local producer Benjamin Nadeau, dee’s first two singles landed her on Spotify’s LOREM playlist, among countless others, and the momentum didn’t stop. In 2022, after signing with Nettwerk Music Group, she released her debut EP, When I Close My Eyes, garnering millions of streams, numerous playlist covers, rave reviews, and even a Spotify billboard in downtown Toronto. Teen Vogue called her “one to watch,” and SHEESH Media compared her vocals to the great Billie Eilish. 

dee is currently studying art/animation at university and continues to design all her own artwork and direct her own music videos. The project translates that much more of dee’s singular and magnetic sensibility. “With my cover art and visuals, I like to say that it’s fully me. It’s more authentic. It pushes me to learn new things and push myself.”


“The confidence dee holt exudes… is only amplified by her crisp vocals, as she makes it sound oh-so-easy to dismiss a partner… she’s not messing around.”

– Billboard

“…a bright new offering in alt-pop… soft, charming, and wistful… making Dee Holt one to watch.”

– TeenVogue

“Dee has crafted an infectious plucky guitar-driven, bedroom-pop track centred about openly admitting to her new lover that she is going to ‘fuck’ up this relationship, so if anything you might as well enjoy the ride. Dee lures you in with her delicate and vulnerable vocal tone at times reminiscent of Billie Eilish’s typical whisper-vocal delivery.” ­

– A1234

“…keep tabs on this remarkable upcoming artist – she will be a superstar…”

– Early Rising

“I think we’re fan-girling… big, big, big, fan… along that alt-pop vibe, great lyrics…”

– Bops n Bangers: A GRRRL Music Podcast

“It’s hard not to hear a resemblance in tonal similarities with the great Billie Eilish – which is the highest of compliments – yet dee has her own demeanor, soaked in banter and youthful bliss… dee holt is simply Canada’s next artist to keep close tabs on in 2022.”

– SHEESH Media

“Heralding from Montreal is the ascent of dee holt who contributes to the modern day new chamber pop pastoral canon… Daphné Holt’s collaborations with Benji Nadeau distill the character of pop novellas into concise and catchy compositions.”

– Week In Pop

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