Alt-Pop Artist Abby Sage Shares New Single “Pool Party” + Music Video

June 29, 2022 BY Jason Currell

Today, LA/London based alt-pop artist Abby Sage shares her new intimate and thought-provoking single “Pool Party,” accompanied by an experimental music video directed by Aidan Dick. The visuals exemplify how often young adults must hide behind an invisible mask to get through the day-to-day runnin’ around that no one prepared them for. Both honest and utterly relatable, Abby Sage arrives with a new perspective on the contemporary world, for better or worse.

“Pool Party” was written during a writing trip to London and produced by British producer duo MyRiot (London Grammar, AURORA, Halsey). On her latest effort, Abby Sage offers up a hazy alt-pop world that ties together nostalgia and the uncertain future. Sage has always had a knack for clever songwriting that touches upon wistfulness and modern malaise and “Pool Party” is a shining example. The production contains many sonic layers hoisted by her mesmeric vocals and intricate alt-pop infused guitar strumming. In addition, mild drum beats and fuzzy bass lines embody the temple of the track. “Pool Party” follows the release of her dreamy effort “Force of Habit,” released this past spring and serves as the first glimpse into her forthcoming project out later this year.


Speaking about her new single, Abby Sage shares this: “Pool Party is a metaphor for kids not being prepared for the world. ‘Pool party kids can’t swim they ask nobody just sink to the bottom and think (off the deep end).’ Kids are dealt a tough hand, having such a vast amount of information at their fingertips with nobody to guide them or explain what it all means. They have to drown to learn.”

On the music video, she adds: “The ‘Pool Party’ video concept came to be when I brought Aidan the idea of using a black void space so it would be easy to duplicate, move around, and edit all on a fully black background. It’s an intense song so I wanted a visual that matched that. I made the masks out of paper mache with a friend and hung them with fishing wire. I really wanted it to look like they were floating in mid-air and make it a little spooky. The video is just a chaotic fever dream of a bunch of different masked characters playing cards and getting more and more unhinged as the song goes on. The space gave us free reign to make something visually interesting and I’m super happy with how it came together.”

“Pool Party” is available at all digital retailers here:

More Info:Growing up watching her dad perform at various clubs around Toronto, Abby Sage was enchanted by the magic of the stage and crowd, and felt the pull towards creating something her own. She began writing and recording tracks with her musician dad, and by the start of high school, she was beginning to post her music to Soundcloud in secret—that is until she accidentally released a track publicly. The next morning, her phone was flooded with messages, and like an act of divine intervention, Abby says, “it’s what sparked the confidence to keep going.” A few years later, during one of her trips back to her hometown in Canada, she was connected to a group of producers through a mutual family friend. After a successful test run in the studio, Abby and producer Jeff Hazin continued their creative partnership through Abby’s first singles and debut project, 2021’s Fears of Yours & Mine EP. Abby, who is half-British, spends her time between Los Angeles and London, where her upcoming project was entirely written when visiting family.

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