Alt-Pop Artist Abby Sage Announces Sophomore EP ‘The Florist’ Out Oct. 21st + Shares Title Track Single

August 4, 2022 BY Jason Currell

Today, LA/London based alt-pop artist Abby Sage announces her forthcoming sophomore EP The Florist out October 21st via Nettwerk. The announcement arrives with the release of the stunning title track single.

Abby Sage’s upcoming EP is fueled by a love for character sketches, with each song becoming a tiny play or narrative. Take the new single “The Florist,” and its depiction of a woman who can bring beauty to the lives of others. “I’m someone who’s so protective of their friends,” shares Abby. “When something is broken, I want to fix it. And a florist is someone who through their actions makes a room prettier – because flowers always manage to do that.”

Commanded by a pillowy production, deliberately impassive vocals, and a skittering drumbeat, “The Florist” is an appetizing slice of soulful indie goodness. Gentle and quiet songwriting is at the forefront, with labelmate Boy Willows providing a hand in co-writing a portion of this beautiful and sweeping track that enthralls with notable and radiant power.

Abby Sage’s The Florist EP is a follow-up to her 2021 debut EP Fears of Yours & Minea collection of songs that was just the beginning in showcasing her commanding sound and precarious outlook of the world around herAbby expresses, “The last project was a very personal take of what I was immediately experiencing at the time while this project feels a bit grander scheme and observational. I had nothing that was immediately bringing me either intense pain or joy (I normally experience things in extremes this way), there was something about this period that felt over looming and bigger than myself. I was in London taking the tube from session to session and felt like a sponge. One time there was a particular group of kids next to me and I listened to their conversation for the duration of the journey along with a few other snippets of chatter around me. I wanted to write about the experience of others, the unfamiliar coinciding with the familiar.”

This past June, Abby released the first single from her upcoming EP called “Pool Party.” Written during a writing trip to London and produced by British producer duo MyRiot (London Grammar, AURORA, Halsey), Abby offers up a hazy alt-pop world that ties together nostalgia and the uncertain future. The production contains many sonic layers hoisted by her mesmeric vocals, fuzzy bass lines, and intricate alt-pop infused guitar strumming. The track was accompanied by an experimental music video directed by Aidan Dick (they/them).

“The Florist” is available at all digital retailers here:

Abby Sage – “The Florist” EP Tracklisting:

1. Pool Party

2. Backwards Directions

3. Irene  

4. The Florist

5. High Five 

Single Art | Download HERE