Allman Brown Shares New Single “Bad Blood”

October 20, 2023 BY Emma Orland

Singer-songwriter – ALLMAN BROWN – has announced details of a new EP, ‘Second Son Part I’ (out 1 December 2023 via Nettwerk), and shared latest single “Bad Blood”.

20h October 2023 (London, UK) – A captivating and candid new offering, “Bad Blood” finds Allman Brown deftly juggling self-reflection with driving alt-pop rhythms, infectious synth riffs and organic vocal harmonies to capture the burden of the past and the steps we take to face it.

Looking inwardly and grappling with the guilt that comes along with reflecting on your own actions, Allman explains:

“This song is about dealing with the version of myself I don’t like very much. Sensing that I’m not improving upon the mistakes of my parents but perpetuating them, that I’m stuck in a loop I can’t escape. It’s a downbeat song in the sense that I can’t forgive myself sometimes for the things I’ve done and the hurt I’ve caused others.

It deals with shame, the oppressive nature of that feeling, and how it mutates to cover everything. It’s hard to escape sometimes.”

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“Bad Blood” also arrives alongside the new announcement of Allman Brown’s new EP ‘Second Son Part I’, which will arrive on 1 December 2023 via Nettwerk. The third track to be plucked from the new release, it follows “Breathe In, Breathe Out” and “Bewildered” and will be accompanied by two brand new songs inc. the infectious, folk-flecked “Your Nature” and closing-scene ballad “Call Me On”.

Mixed by Peter Kallis, the songs of the new EP are said to have been recorded in just ten days, and see Allman joined by pianist Thomas Bartlett  (The Gloaming, Taylor Swift, The National) and vocalist Kori Garder-Hammel. Speaking of the forthcoming release, the artist adds:

“This is, without a doubt, my most personal work. It deals directly with my father’s death, my relationship with my mother, my feelings of anxiety and regret, and the legacy handed down to me by my upbringing. In short it’s my attempt to reckon with my past.”

An introspective invitation to get to know Allman Brown slowly, brick by brick, the EP finds the songwriter working at his most raw and exposed yet. He explains:

“Throughout the process I was very keen to strip back my songs to their essence. I didn’t try to be smart or knowing with my lyrics. I deliberately striped them back so I could be as honest as possible with myself. I wanted to feel vulnerable and I wanted to find strength in that feeling of vulnerability.”

Keen to evolve away from the “singer-songwriter” label, ‘Second Son Part I’ also sees Allman experimenting with sound as he takes steps away from his usual acoustic guitar driven approach. Seeking to “bend and meld the singer-songwriter vibe with more pop elements”, each track sees the artist deftly upgrade his sonic approach with the addition of synths, live bass, electronic pianos, electronic percussion and live drums.

* * * *

Born and raised in Hong Kong before moving to London at age 11, Allman Brown made an introduction with his hit single “Sons & Daughters” (performed with Liz Lawrence) in 2013. The track proved a Spotify smash, amassing over 10 million streams worldwide as well as features on multiple TV soundtracks including Love IslandSuits and Made In Chelsea.

His debut album ‘1000 Years’ was released in 2017, earning critical acclaim for Brown’s tender balladry and folk-fuelled pop inspired by artists such as Bon IverTracy ChapmanPaul Simon and Feist, before ‘Darling, It’ll Be Alright’ followed in 2019.

Allman Brown’s new EP ‘Second Son Part I’ is out on 1 December 2023 via Nettwerk.

(Hi-res artwork here)

‘Second Son Part I’ tracklist:

1. Bewildered

2. Breathe In, Breathe Out

3. Bad Blood

4. Your Nature

5. Call Me On