Allman Brown Announces New EP ‘Second Son, Pt. 2’; ‘Releases New Single “My Ordinary Life”

January 12, 2024 BY Emma Orland

Following his warmly received 2023 EP Second Son, Pt. 1, the artist can confirm that its sequel will arrive early this year, with both collections forming two separate halves of a brand new album entitled ‘Second Son’.

“I’m a second son, a stranger to most but loved by some. I’ve been afraid since I was young” 
confesses Brown in the opening verse of “My Ordinary Life”, “It takes a lot of pretending to be strong”.

Hallmarked with the vivid storytelling and self-effacing songwriting that Allman Brown calls his own, “My Ordinary Life” is one of his most personal and poignant singles so far – “a pocket autobiography” in Allman’s own words, referencing key moments in his journey so far. He explains further:

“It’s about my life so far and the love I feel for my wife and children and how they are quite simply the reason I’m alive. They are my purpose. I really enjoy how this song doesn’t really have a chorus, just a little refrain and a change in my phrasing. I wrote it in about two hours which was a rush.”

Pulsing with a persistent beat, glistening electronics, and guitar lines just bursting to be heard in the great wide open, Allman’s impassioned vocal beckons this earnest, enrapturing track to its climactic finale. A full-force, heart-on-sleeve, pop ballad for the here and now, “My Ordinary Life” was created with the assistance of Peter Katis (The National, Interpol, Gang Of Youths), whose expertise enables Brown to take the next step in his “quest to take a traditional sound and push it a little into a new space” here.


Part of a new five-track collection, ‘Second Son, Pt. 2‘ will pick up where its predecessor left off and will spotlight a deeply personal chapter in his musical journey. Exploring themes of love, loss, self-reflection, and the human experience; together the EPs invite listeners to embark on a profound emotional journey with Allman, who aims to strip his songs to their essence and embrace vulnerability and authenticity.

Experimenting with new sounds and instrumentation on his latest work, the ‘Second Son’ sessions found Allman merging his signature acoustic guitar-driven melodies with modern pop elements such as synths, live bass, electronic pianos, electronic percussion, and live drums. Produced by Peter Katis, his latest material was recorded in just ten days, and finds Allman joined by pianist Thomas Bartlett  (The Gloaming, Taylor Swift, The National) and vocalist Kori Gardner-Hammel (Mates Of State).

Allman Brown, born in Hong Kong and now based in London, has consistently wowed listeners with his emotionally charged and introspective music. His 2013 hit single, “Sons & Daughters” (performed with Liz Lawrence), became a Spotify sensation with over 20 million streams worldwide and was featured on popular TV soundtracks. His debut album, ‘1000 Years,’ in 2017, and ‘Darling, It’ll Be Alright’ in 2019, received critical acclaim for their tender balladry and folk-infused pop.

Releasing his ‘Second Son, Pt. 2’ EP and ‘Second Son’ album later this year, fans will be able to get a sneak preview of some new material at a trio of London, UK homecoming shows in the first quarter of this year. The dates are as follows:

Allman Brown – 2024 Live Dates

22nd Jan – Green Note, London [SOLD OUT]

2nd Feb – Tŷ Sŵn Sessions @ Grain, St Davids, Wales

21st Feb – Green Note, London [SOLD OUT]

27th Mar – Green Note, London [SOLD OUT]