Allie Crow Buckley Shares New Single “Dreamboat Soulmate” Co-Written With Declan Mckenna; New Album out 5/19

February 24, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Today, Los Angeles indie artist Allie Crow Buckley shares her otherworldly new single, “Dreamboat Soulmate,” the latest release off of her upcoming album, Utopian Fantasy, out May 19th. The ethereal ballad was written and produced by Buckley and singer-songwriter Declan McKenna. Allie adds, “A sort of mix between a satirical and sincere love song. Dreamboat is journey within a relationship, the subtleties of acquiescence, and losing ones sense of self. Then slowly, as if awaking from a spell, reclaiming it.”


Utopian Fantasy is the follow-up to her 2021 debut, Moonlit and Devious, and takes the listener on a psychedelic journey through the mythical world inside Buckley’s head. The album was recorded at the 4AD Studio in London, mastered at Abbey Road, and was written, recorded, and produced by Allie Crow Buckley and Jason Boesel (Rilo Kiley, Bright Eyes) between a lush cottage in the English Countryside, the sunny mountains of Ojai, California, and the hotels in-between. The album will also feature her recent singles “Greatest Hits,”  “Naked At The Feast,”  “Utopian Fantasy” and “Angel.”

When asked about the record, Allie explains, “It is the sort of feeling of leaving your body – as one does during times of immense stress or when chaos ensues. Escapism of sorts. These themes occur throughout the record – from references to Dionysus (god of wine and chaos) to the myth of Cupid and Psyche. Resigning yourself to whatever is – a sort of submission to chaos. Like in the myth of Apollo and Dionysus. Being naked at the feast, the idea of that vulnerability of just awaiting your fate. How we all long to be carried by Zephyr, the wind, from our fate into a bed of flowers. Just as in the myth of Cupid and Psyche. But what comes next? Coming to terms with your new reality. Like being lost in the realm of the faery, and reemerging years later. Feeling as if it were all one day or one dream.”

Allie Crow Buckley’s music is a world unto itself. A journey from deep within the forest to the coastal cliffs. In sound, her music is a paradox, capturing the gentle folk of Joni Mitchell alongside the pagan allure of Black Sabbath. She is known for her balance of ethereal, soaring melodies, strong rhythmic elements, and heavy, rooted low end. This balance, coupled with her allegorical sense of lyricism, lends itself to being both beautifully meditative and unsettling at times.

She draws inspiration from numerous sources – from painters, and poets as well as mythology and her love of classical music from her years of formal training as a dancer. Following the release of her acclaimed debut 2019 EP So Romantic, she released her debut LP, Moonlit and Devious, in 2021 to praise from The New Yorker, NPR, Under The Radar, Paste, and more. She has opened for the likes of Jenny Lewis and Maggie Rogers on tour.