Alayna Shares Atmospheric New Single and Lyric Video, ‘Meteors’

March 31, 2023 BY Jason Currell

New Zealand singer and songwriter alayna today released the expansive new single ‘Meteors’, along with a gorgeous black and white accompanying lyric video. Listen to ‘Meteors’ HERE

A delicately melancholic upright piano sets the scene on ‘Meteors’, rising to an atmospheric shower of expansive electric guitars, synths and shimmering vocal layers. Through it all, alayna explores the shifting, evolving nature of the self and what it means to be human.

“‘Meteors’ is about me coming to terms with the fact I’ll never truly know who I am,”
 reflects alayna. “I realise that I am constantly unravelling and evolving and leaving parts of me in people, moments and experiences as I live my life, and so the person I’m so desperately wanting to figure out will always be just out of reach. It’s also about me being at peace with this realisation.”

“I wonder if maybe that’s just what we are supposed to do; we break apart and leave behind pieces of us as we go, just like meteors flying across the universe.”

Written at home on her family’s out-of-tune piano, during a particularly tough period in alayna’s life, she then took the track to producer Noema Te Hau where the duo spent hours on production. It was then mixed by award-winning engineer Simon Gooding and mastered by Joe LaPorta at Sterling Sound.

“Noema told me to ‘just write a song, any song’ and record a rough demo – he was trying to encourage me to see that I still was able to write, as I’d been filled with a lot of self-doubt,” says alayna. “I feel really grateful to Noema for enabling me to create what has now become one of my favourite songs on my upcoming project.”

Also out today is the accompanying lyric video. A simple black and white visual on loop allows the lyrics to have their moment to hit home; showcasing the depth, vulnerability and poetry of alayna’s songwriting to shine. Watch the lyric video for ‘Meteors’ HERE and below:

Meteors (Official Lyrics Video)

Meteors’ is the most track to come from alayna, joining the previously released singles ‘Cherry Tree’, ‘If You Want My Love’ and ‘Buckle In Baby’, all of which have made their mark on the official charts – most recently ‘Buckle In Baby’ reaching #8 in the Hot 20 NZ Singles Chart in her homeland.

alayna’s new material sees her slowly transition from an R&B and soulful singer to a singer-songwriter where her lyrical skills truly shine. Growing up listening to heavyweights such as Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, alayna’s songwriting depth can be attributed to these influences and the experiences that shaped her.

alayna’s debut EP Sweet Soul was released back in 2018 and amassed over 30+ million streams. The single ‘Falling Autumn’ reached #8 on Spotify’s US Viral chart and got spins on BBC Radio 1. The EP’s closing track ‘Between Dusk And Dawn’ is an emotionally raw ballad she co-wrote with Grammy Award-winning FINNEAS. Her acclaimed sophomore EP Tender came out in 2020, in which HillyDilly said she “has one of the best voices, and her delicate melodies are second-to-none… she continues to impress on each release.”

Prepare yourself for more music to come from this stunning artist, by diving into the atmospheric soundscape of today’s single ‘Meteors’. alayna is currently putting the finishing touches to her debut full-length studio album for Nettwerk, due out later this year.