Nicole Hughes and Fefe Dobson: The Perfect Fit

Looks like success continues to follow the lovely Nicole Hughes. This time the killer songwriter has teamed up with Fefe Dobson co-writing on Fefe’s latest album “Joy”. This much anticipated album from the young artist has already been released in Canada by Universal and is being released on Island/Def Jam Records across North America on November 30th. Since her debut in 2003, Fefe has charmed audiences with her edgy and uninhibited presence on stage and behind the camera. Nicole, who slowly transitioned from rock musician to full-time songwriter, hit it off with Fefe immediately. The two sat down to write together and ended up with the album’s title track “Joy” and another track aptly called “You Bitch”. “Joy” is a collection of up-tempo’d pop-rock that layers catchy beats, heavy electric guitar and Fefe’s always energetic vocals.

Nicole started out in music as the lead singer and guitarist for the influential rock band Scratching Post. While still in the band she began writing for other artists and eventually turned it into a full-time career. She is now an acclaimed songwriter known for her edgy lyrics and contagious hooks. If you’ve listened to the radio or watched TV in the last few years, chances are you’ve heard one of Nicole’s songs. She writes music for artists of all genres, from Canadian Idol winner Brian Melo, to country singer Tara Oram , to the successful Swedish girl band Play. Nicole wrote the theme song for the CW Network’s “Plain Jane” and her recent song “Joy” with Fefe will be heard on ABC’s hit show “Cougar Town”.

We asked Nicole about how co-writing with Fefe came to be. “I’ve been a Fefe Dobson fan for many years … she heard some of my stuff, liked what I did, and so we set up some writing sessions together”. Not only did the sessions create some great music, it forged a real friendship between the two. There’s no denying the fun these girls had writing together. “We just wrote about things that were immediately on our minds… like men and bitches,” Nicole continues, “‘Joy’ is a delicate homage to your lover’s body and the JOY that comes from being with someone who fits you just right. ‘You Bitch’ on the other hand is a not so delicate warning to bitches who try to steal that perfect fit”. Men and bitches aside, Fefe and Nicole’s collaboration on the new album “Joy” seems to be a perfect fit in its own right. Fefe’s album is out now in Canada and available across the U.S on November 30th. To learn more about Nicole, check out