New York Post singing Johnny Reids praise!

The squeaky-clean and sober Eminem and meat-draped Gaga are so last year. Looking ahead to the class of 2011, we've picked half a dozen fresh, new artists ready to open your eyes and ears in the new year.
JOHNNY REID: Take a pinch of Bruce Springsteen, a dash of Bob Seger and enough Rod Stewart to give the mix vocal gravel, and you start to get the vibe of this Scottish-born singer/songwriter. Already a name in the UK (he once played for Queen Elizabeth II), he's betting his upcoming record, "Introducing Johnny Reid" (March 8), will break big here. Its 11 songs are classic rock riffs laced with blue-collar roots. His voice brims with force and honesty, especially in the anthem "Today I'm Gonna Try and Change the World" and the gentler yet still powerful "Good People."
Exert from New York Post Jan 3 , 2011

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