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It’s been twenty-two years since The Outfield have recorded new material with founding members John Spinks, Tony Lewis and Alan Jackman. The British power trio first burst upon the scene in 1985 with their multi platinum debut Play Deep. Over the next four years, the band would release two more albums full of glistening pop perfection. The group’s minimalist approach sometimes trapped the band between their musical importance and musical integrity. After all, the band flourished at the height of the MTV age where image was the decade’s business model. When it was all said and done in 1992, The Outfield had scored 10 Billboard chart hits and sold millions of records worldwide.

The group’s forthcoming album, Replay, closes any such credibility gap with an engaging spirit. For all of the glossy production on the band’s prior albums, Replay seems to channel a melodic rock environment straight from their East End London roots. A layered, forward sound prevails, as do frequent instances of pop splendor. The first single, ‘California Sun’, illuminates from the speakers with warm harmonies and bright guitars, quintessential Outfield. The opener, ‘Aladdin’s Cave’, suggest this time around, The Outfield have found their creative energy reinvigorated. Songwriter John Spinks is more lyrically ambitious than ever and delivers potent grooves with lush vocal arrangements on ‘Call It Out’ and ‘Process’.

Perhaps one of the more exciting moments on Replay is the intricate and evolving texture of ‘In Your Company’. With Spinks hypnotizing guitar pattern, Jackman’s perfectly executed fills and Lewis’ haunting vocals, the track instantly becomes the band’s most sincere ballad.

More obvious sounding Outfield tracks such as ‘A Long, Long Time Ago’ and ‘Who Would You Be?’ resonate with the familiar harmonies and sing along choruses that create a melodic mirage of your youth. Spinks’ reverberating guitar and revolving melody on ‘New York City’ blends perfectly with the dark undertones of big city life.

From straight sleek pop to their classic rock influences, The Outfield tastefully applies a change of pace on ‘Shake Your Thing’ and ‘Disraeli Years’. The latter track riding on a groove and riff that would make another English power trio proud in Cream.

‘Wonderland’ demonstrates Spinks’ gifted use of open space with chiming guitars and harmonic textures between Lewis’ remarkable vocal performance and vibrant harmonies. This track is destined to be a fan favorite. Replay’s conclusion is the atmospheric ‘Sandman’. Originally written in 1983, the song was overhauled with an array of sound effects and ominous musical build, loaded with backwards guitars and brilliant guitar fills.

In what many feel is a declining state within the music industry, The Outfield have managed to reach a monumental achievement. Arguably, Replay is the best album since 1989’s Voices of Babylon. A considerably more musically proficient album with precise structures, Replay has captured the astonishing chemistry between three gifted musicians guided only by their musical integrity.
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