Mike James / Troy Samson - Hipjoint

Mike James and Troy Samson are the songwriter/producer team known as Hipjoint. They are co-founding partners of Hipjoint Music Group in Vancouver. Their publishing company, which features a growing stable of writer/producers, is called H Songs Publishing and is currently administered by Nettwerk One Music. They also have a worldwide distribution deal for their in house label, Hipjoint Music, via Universal Music. Hipjoint have had success with artists of all styles. Recent projects include:

Kelly Rowland "Unity" - released worldwide on her Diva Deluxe album - Top 10 radio hit in Canada

Delerium "Dust In Gravity" - Hipjoint were the top line writers on this track that achieved US Billboard #1 status on the Dance/Club Play chart in 2010

Calvin Klein CK1 - Hipjoint's song "We Are One" was used as the positioning track for Calvin Klein's worldwide relaunch of CK1 in 2009

Mika Nakashima "Candy Girl" - The Japanese superstar recently took this Hipjoint track to #4 on Japan's Oricon Weekly Singles Chart

Shiloh "Operator (A Girl Like Me)" - Hipjoint discovered this Canadian artist at 13 and wrote and produced her platinum debut hit for her (Universal Music Canada/Universal Republic)

Nikon Cool Pix - Nikon used Hipjoint's track "Bounce With Me" by Kreesha Turner as it's positioning song for a series of Nikon Cool Pix ads featuring Ashton Kutcher.

NFL Network - The NFL has chosen "Crank It Up" by The Young Goulets
to promote 2010 NFL Thursday Night Football