Shane Hines

Shane, originally from Northern Virginia, has enjoyed writing and recording both solo and band records in addition to a children’s record for The Curiosity Zone. After raising over $35,000 in fan funding, he made his way to Nashville to record with producer Chris Grainger and he’s called Nashville home ever since. 

In Nashville, Shane is half of duo Paperhouse with Megan Conner and other end of the spectrum, is writing and recording his own project, pills n things.  He has also collaborated with Phivestarr and is a writer on the Lacs upcoming single, “God Bless a Country Girl”.  In a completely different feel, he is part of writing and recording team, Creep E McGhee (Mike Fiorentino and Mark Niemiec) which resulted in a major network TV placement.   The spectrum is broad and is not limited by genre, Shane is as passionate about writing a pop single as he is a country ballad.

As Shane’s time in Nashville has become filled with co-writing, it has naturally progressing into his honing his producing skills to create demos for both his own songs and for other writers. 

When Shane doesn’t have a guitar in his hands, he’s hanging out with his twins or putting his personal training certification to good use.