The Lucky Nine

The Lucky Nine is an English rock supergroup-of-sorts, featuring members of some other top British rock bands, including “A”, Hundred Reasons, Sunna and (the now defunct) Cable. Their collaboration resulted in an EP, and one full-length record, True Crown Foundation Songs: Hymns Of History And Hidden Ritual, both released in 2005.

The band’s inception can be traced back to early 2001 when “A” were writing ‘Hi-Fi Serious’ and Hundred Reasons were writing ‘Ideas Above Our Station’. “A” had a small studio in London where both bands were writing. When Dan wasn’t working on the “A” album and the studio was free, he would be in the studio demoing The Lucky Nine songs. At this point he didn’t know what was going to happen with the songs and considered singing on them himself.

Fast-forward a year: Dan decided that he had to get these tracks recorded, so headed down to Decoy Productions in Brighton with Richie Mills from Cable / Sunna. Together they laid down the drums to nine songs in eight hours. After that he would head down to Brighton every time he had a day off from touring “A” and lay down guitars, bass, and to work out programming. Dan sang on two of these recordings, but wasn’t please with the results. The decision was made, and Carter decided that the way forward was to ask a bunch of people whom he respected and get them to sing. Neil Fallon, Darryl Palumbo, Ian Watkins, and Liam from thisGirl were all considered or asked. However, it was Colin who was the first and last to come down.