Bruce Springsteen's "Wrecking Ball"

With the official release today of Bruce Springsteen's latest masterpiece, Wrecking Ball, spectacular reviews have been pouring in over the last two weeks.  The latest, posted yesterday on the Huffington Post, states, "Wrecking Ball is seamless and of a piece ... Each song slots perfectly into the next. Albums that work in this way are few and far between (Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band/The Beatles; Imperial Bedroom/Elvis Costello; Achtung Baby/U2; to name only a few) where the songs don't just work thematically but the overarching sound chocks in like a puzzle piece." Check out the review HERE

In addition, Rolling Stone magazine gave the album a 5-star rating, an honor typically bestowed by the magazine to one or two albums per year. They emphatically claim, "Wrecking Ball is the most despairing, confrontational and musically turbulent album Bruce Springsteen has ever made." Definitely a must-read, let alone, a must-listen. Check out the whole review HERE

Nettwerk Producer Management client, Ron Aniello, produced Wrecking Ball along with The Boss, and Executive Producer Jon Landau.