Nettwerk's Film & TV Department Celebrates A Hugely Successful 2012!

2012 was hardly the end of the world for Nettwerk's Film & TV Department, who successfully licensed songs to various TV shows, advertisements and films from artists across Nettwerk Music Group's Label, Management and Publishing rosters. Click the video playlist above for highlights from the year!  

Video Playlist Track Listing:

1) The Hundreds And Thousands "Here We Go" / Google Maps for Iphone ad
2) Kidstreet "Song" / Apple MacBook Pro ad
3) Pefume Genuis "Dark Parts" / Honda Accord ad
4) Aaron Espe "Through Frozen Forests" / Sainsbury ad
5) The Submarines "Fire" / Kindle Fire ad
6) fun. "We Are Young" / Chevy Super Bowl ad
7) Alexi Murdoch "All My Days" / Sprint Mobile ad
8) Admiral Fallow "Squealing Pigs" / General Electric Super Bowl ad
9) Gareth Dunlop "Going Somewhere" / Subaru Outback ad
10) Junkie XL "Clash" / Bing ad

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11) "These Are Days" cover / Marie Calendar ad
12) Bomb The Bass "Beat Dis" / William Hill ad
13) DATAROCK "Catcher in the Rye" / Windows 8 ad
14) SHEL "Wise Old Owl" / Splenda ad
15) Olafur Arnalds "Run Fast " / University of Phoenix ad
16) Ferraby Lionheart "Before We're Dead" / Hershey's ad
17) Erin McKeown "Slung-lo" / Google ad
18) The Rifles "Winter Calls" / Dasani ad
19) Admiral Fallow "Isn't This World Enough" / Monroe series 2 promo
20) fun. "Walking the Dog" / The New Normal promo
21) Gin Wigmore "Kill of the Night" / 666 Park Ave promo
22) Hadouken! "Turn the Lights Out" / Spiderman Video Game ad
23) Olafur Arnalds "Til Enda " / Looper trailer
24) Avalanche City "Love Love Love" / Hope Springs trailer
25) Airbourne "Blonde, Bad and Beautiful" / The Bachelorette trailer
26) Sherry St. Germain "Do It" / The To-Do List trailer
27) Matt & Kim "Cameras" / The Greatest Movie Ever Sold trailer
28) Radical Face "Doorways" / Salmon Fishing in the Yemen trailer
29) Radical Face "Doorways" / People Like Us trailer
30) "You Make Me Feel" cover / Dancing Sock Monkey toy 


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