Nadina To Release Debut Album 'In The Now' On November 13; Listen To First Single "Shou Baddou Yseer"

Nettwerk Records is pleased to announce the signing of multilingual singer Nadina. In anticipation of her debut studio album, In The Now (out November 13), Nadina releases lead single, “Shou Baddou Yseer.”

Nadina’s music is as varied and fascinating as her personal history.

In 1986, Nadina became the first child from Lebanon and the Arab world to ever participate at the Zecchino D'oro UNICEF festival in Italy. The contest required participants to perform a song of their choosing translated to Italian to a television audience of over 25 million worldwide. Judges awarded the young singer a gold medal, and the song became something of an international phenomenon. However, in 1989, violence hit too close to home once and for all. After a truly terrifying encounter while coming back from a television interview, Nadina's parents decided that the family should relocate to Canada.

“Wherever we drove, my parents made sure we didn't look outside the window because they didn't want us to have photographic images of the war in our heads. I know people died nearby in some instances. It was really hard at times,” says Nadina.

With the relocation, Nadina began to pursue another passion—swimming. She fractured her back at the age of thirteen but still managed to get her National standings. She was ranked third in British Columbia and top seven in Canada. In 1997, she represented Lebanon in the Pan-Arab Olympics, winning five bronze medals in the process. Now married to Olympic medalist Brent Hayden, Nadina continues to spend her time swimming and coaching. But, music always beckoned to her and she began to create and cultivate original music.

Crafting a sound of her own, Nadina sings in—English, Lebanese, Egyptian, and Classical Arabic on the record and distills a variety of textures and moods into her music. About her style, she comments, "It's an amalgamation of North American and Middle Eastern sounds. I wanted to merge classical Arabic strings/instruments and modern Western beats. I tried to bridge all of these styles so the music doesn't lean far one way or the other."

Most recently, Nadina lends her voice on the Delerium single, “Monarch,” from the upcoming album, Music Box Opera. Directed by Justin Coloma (Peter Murphy, Smashing Pumpkins), the official music video for “Monarch” features Nadina as a supernatural projection of the protagonist’s imagination.

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Track List:

1. In Disguise
2. Shou Baddou Yseer
3. When Heart Forgives
4. Why
5. So Freely
6. Ya Lorou Houbouke
7. In The Now
8. Sorrows And Goodbyes
9. With You
10. My Love To Grant
11. La T’oul Enta Habibi
12. Wein El Wafa*
*Bonus Track Available On Digital Version

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