Chinese-Born, Vancouver-Based Artist Wanting To Release Debut Album April 24, 2012

Chinese-born, Vancouver-based singer/songwriter Wanting has joined Nettwerk’s label, management and publishing rosters, and will release her debut full-length studio album Everything In The World on April 24, 2012. Whether penned in her native tongue of Chinese or English (which she only learned to speak at age 16), Wanting’s piano-swept music has already won a following because her compositions—pop musings that plumb emotion—resonate universally. Without a label behind her, Wanting’s tunes have already sound-tracked the upcoming Chinese film Love in the Buff, appeared on a Mercedes Benz sampler, and amassed combined views of millions on Chinese YouTube.

Listen to new single "Life Is Like A Song" and other selections from the album here:

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Wanting (whose last name Qu means "music, song, melody") started to sing before she could even talk. Her mother recalls, "You would know when she was awake because she’d be singing the theme song from this Chinese TV series called ‘Undercover Cop' loudly in bed to the ceiling.” Wanting played piano as a child, realized her true passion to be a songwriter and recording artist when she left the industrial city of Harbin, China, at age 16 for boarding school in Canada. She begrudgingly earned a degree in business management to appease her mother, but along the way, bought herself a keyboard (“It cost two courses of tuition,” she says. “I didn’t go to school for six months.”) and a guitar, and taught herself to play. When she graduated from college, she told her mother that she needed to be a musician.

After moving from Toronto to Vancouver in 2005, Wanting started performing original material, written in both Chinese and English, at local venues. It was a combination of raw talent and persistence that caught the attention of Nettwerk CEO Terry McBride, who signed her to a management deal. Says McBride, "Wanting first caught my attention when sent me an email containing demos, and I was immediately captivated by the honesty of the lyrics and the authentic song writing. She has the wonderful ability to seamlessly blend the cultures of East with the melodics of the West, making her a true Asia Pacific artist."

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Everything In The World Track Listing:
1. Life Is Like A Song
2. Drenched
3. Anxiety
4. Hideaway
5. Hand Hold
6. Jar Of Love
7. Star In You
8. Shell
9. Everything In The World
10. 承认 (Admit)
11. 今天 (Today)
12. 我的歌声里 (You Exist In My Song)
13. 我的歌声里 (You Exist In My Song) (Demo Version)



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