Nütone Music Announces Summer Releases From Jai Uttal And More On July 26

To celebrate the arrival of Summer, Nütone Music is set to release three studio albums on the same day. On July 26, Nütone will put out Queens Of Hearts by Grammy-nominated Jai Uttal, and two debut albums: The Enchanted Island by Jack Harrison and Hallelujah by Will Blunderfield. (Listen to sampler below.)

Nutone Music Summer Releases 2011 by nutonemusic 

(Keep reading for more information on each release.)

Jai Uttal (2002 Mondo Rama) is a pioneer in the world music community with his eclectic “East-meets-West” sound. Uttal’s newest album and eleventh studio release Queen of Hearts is a unique mixture of reggae, ska, and samba rhythms, used as a backdrop for call and response, dance-oriented Kirtan.

"I went for the old school reggae and ska approach, rather then the dubby reggae that a lot of people are doing…there are more guitar-oriented chants and all the songs also have Indian percussion to bring the feel back home,” says Uttal.

Recorded in California, the eight-track album was written and produced by Uttal alongside his longtime collaborator Ben Leinbach. Jai’s international Summer/Fall tour will include select shows broadcast live on the web on his newly launched channel “BhaktiCast.”

Jack Harrison is a yoga teacher, singer and folklorist and has worked in all three areas for the last 30 years. Recorded near Jack’s Ireland home called “The Burren,” The Enchanted Island is inspired by Celtic themes and uniquely blends Indian Chant with the sounds of Irish folklore. A lifelong mythologist with a Masters in Irish Folklore he is uniquely qualified and one of the few people in the world to mix Irish Folklore, Music and Yoga.

“I think ‘Sarvesham’ [lead single from The Enchanted Island] is the most beautiful piece of music I have heard…it builds a bridge out of music between this world and the higher world. I have never heard something like this before…” praises Ann Hill, Writer, Galway.

Will Blunderfield is an award-winning musician whose aim to create something modern is showcased on his debut album, Hallelujah. Inspired by the encouragement and love of his yoga students, Will weaves spoken word with traditional Indian instruments including the harmonium creating a unique collision of rock opera, devotional Kirtan chant and pop music. Blunderfield exclaims, “For me, it's about getting more people exposed to yoga through the universality of pop music!!”

“I find the voice of Will Blunderfield incredibly inspiring and gorgeous…[title track] ‘Hallelujah’ is amazing. He's a genius. He's got the voice of an angel," commends NY Times Bestselling author, Dr. Christiane Northrup.


About Nütone Music:

In a short span of time Nütone Music has blossomed into what might be the most important spiritual music label on the planet. As the latest in a long line of successes for Terry McBride, the CEO of Nettwerk Music Group, Nütone was officially re-launched in late 2008. Counting the likes of Kirtan Chant pioneer Bhagavan Das, best-selling chant artist Krishna Das and ethereal soundscaper Donna De Lory among its artist roster, Nütone Music adheres to the same principles of artistic quality that McBride has embraced for a quarter of a century in the music business.

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