Kidstreet Releases Third Single "Birthday Boy"

Waterloo trio Kidstreet releases their third single "Birthday Boy" today. The rambunctious electro dance single will be accompanied by an exclusive b-side, the infectious high-energy track "Penny Candy.” Listen to both tracks below.

Kidstreet - "Birthday Boy" Digital Single by nettwerkmusicgroup

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Made up of two brothers and a sister, the gifted young family of Karl Snyder (drums), Cliff (synth + guitar) and younger sister Edna (piano + vocal) are relatively new on the scene, but already turning heads with their unique form of synth-pop and wildly energetic performances alongside Mother Mother, Dragonette, Girltalk, Thunderheist, Health and Rich Aucoin.

Stay tuned for more news from Kidstreet, including information on their upcoming full-length debut release.

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